In The News On Homelessness and Shelter in NYC
New York Times

Bipartisan group of elected officials calls for new program to fight homelessness

With state budget negotiations fast approaching, more than a dozen lawmakers are calling for the final spending plan to include enactment of a program to reduce reliance on homeless shelters…


New York City Tries to Link Nexus of Doctors Serving the Homeless

Like many homeless adults in New York City, Nathaniel Kee has visited every borough to receive medical care…

New York Times

Shutdown’s Pain Cuts Deep for the Homeless and Other Vulnerable Americans

Ramona Wormley-Mitsis got welcome news in December: After years of waiting, the federal government had approved a subsidy that allowed her to rent a three-bedroom house, bracketed by a white picket fence to keep her two autistic sons from bolting into traffic…

New York Times

Exclusive: De Blasio to convert nearly 500 NYC ‘cluster site’ homeless apartments to affordable housing

With the exploding number of homeless still hovering at record levels, Mayor de Blasio will announce Tuesday a nearly-done deal to convert 468 shelter apartments into permanent, affordable apartments for the homeless…


Single adults in homeless shelters are on the rise

Mayor Bill de Blasio has had some success in trying to curb a homelessness crisis that has exploded under his watch, but the number of single adults in shelter continues to reach record highs almost every month…


Annual homeless count in New York City shows 6 percent decrease

There were 3,675 people homeless and unsheltered on the streets of New York City during a single night in 2018 — a 6 percent decrease from the year prior, according to the latest results in an annual winter count called the Homeless Outreach Population Estimate…


How much progress is NYC making to open 90 new homeless shelters?

Charmel Lucas has been living in a hotel for about a year. “It is very stressful,” Lucas said. “People are having a ton of anxiety up in here.” …


The New York prison-to-shelter pipeline

It’s a crisp 34 degrees and Christopher Kaminski doesn’t have a coat. “It’s a little overwhelming right now. My first day out,” he noted…

New York Times

New Homeless Shelters Slow to Open, Despite de Blasio Promise

New York City has opened only half the 20 shelters that Mayor Bill de Blasio set as a target for 2017 to tackle the city’s homelessness crisis…


Opioid crisis driving record number of deaths among city’s homeless, report finds

The opioid crisis is having a devastating effect on New York City’s homeless population, driving up the number of homeless people who died in fiscal year 2017 to a record number, according to a recent report…


De Blasio playing catch-up on unsheltered homelessness

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new approach to the city’s homeless crisis is borne of the lessons learned from admitted failures during his first term, but advocates say the city still may not be moving fast enough in the right direction to effect lasting change…


Why De Blasio’s Response to Homelessness Might “Turn the Tide”

Since its release four months ago, there’s been a lively public discussion about whether New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to address homelessness…


Inside City Hall Interview with Gateway Housing Board Members Tony Hannigan and George Nashak

HRA Commissioner Steve Banks, the City Hall official leading the administration’s efforts, discussed Mayor de Blasio’s new plan for the homelessness crisis…

New York Times

Op-Ed by Gateway Housing President Ted Houghton and Board Chairman Bill Traylor

The plan Mayor de Blasio unveiled on Tuesday to address homelessness has a strong shot at success, because it finally concedes…


With new homelessness plan, de Blasio gives himself an extraordinarily difficult task

Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled an ambitious plan on Tuesday to build or open 90 new homeless shelters in New York City over the next five years, with the aim of opening 20 new shelters in 2017 and 20 more the following year, vowing slow and incremental progress in tackling the city’s homelessness problem…


De Blasio Administration Announces Plan to Turn the Tide on Homelessness with Borough-Based Approach;

In a speech at the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, before an audience of nonprofit service providers, community leaders, and…

New York Times

De Blasio Calls for ‘Blood and Guts’ War on Homelessness. Is His Plan Gutsy Enough?

Mayor Bill de Blasio put it bluntly on Tuesday, saying he could not see an immediate end to New York City’s homelessness crisis and that…

City Limits

De Blasio Homeless Plan Aims to Replace Hotels and Cluster Sites with New Shelters

As they confronted an unprecedented homelessness crisis, first the Bloomberg administration and then their de Blasio-era counterparts turned…


“Credit Where Credit Is Due” by Gateway Housing Board Member Christine Quinn

Four months ago, I spoke candidly about New York City’s unprecedented homeless crisis and emphasized that in order to truly tackle the crisis, the city had to change course and put homeless women and kids…

New York Post

Homeless could get more hotels as de Blasio vows to get rid of them

The city could be using hotel rooms to house the homeless for another nine years under a new proposal, despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s stated goal of changing that policy “as quickly as possible.”…

New York Slate

New York City Must Do Better for the Homeless in 2017

With the calendar turning to January and temperatures drop to sub-freezing depths, it is important to keep in mind those who have no roof over their heads, no place to shield themselves from winter’s bite: New York City’s homeless…

New York Times

With Homeless Issue, Christine Quinn Gets Back in the Conversation

On Sept. 11, 2013, Christine C. Quinn, who had just suffered a rough and at one time entirely unimaginable defeat in New York City’s Democratic primary race for mayor, headed downtown to the National September 11 Memorial and turned off her phone…

gateway housing

New York City’s Supportive Housing Task Force Report

In November 2015, Mayor de Blasio announced his landmark commitment to provide 15,000 units of supportive housing over the next 15 years to the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Supportive housing is a ordable housing with supportive services…

IBO logo

Not Reaching The Door: Homeless Students Face Many Hurdles on the Way to School by NYC Independent Budget Office

IBO has previously documented in our annual compendium of public school facts and figures the growing number of students who live in temporary housing…

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NYC Shelter Repair Scorecard

As part of the effort to improve conditions in homeless shelters, Mayor de Blasio created the Shelter Repair Scorecard to report publicly on the conditions of homeless shelter facilities and track progress made by the expanded repair program to address sub-standard conditions…


De Blasio housing czar personally tells developers to house homeless in affordable units.

A top de Blasio official has been calling developers of affordable rental buildings about a new regulation that would require them to house homeless families—the administration’s latest attempt to stem the city’s record-setting shelter population…


An Investigation into the Provision of Child Care Services in New York City Homeless Shelters

New York City is in the midst of a homeless crisis that is unparalleled in modern times. Since 2007, the number of families with children relying on the City Department of Homeless Services (“DHS”) for shelter has swelled by 68 percent, from 7,624 families…

Daily News

City puts up homeless families for $600 per night at Times Square hotels

The city has paid more than $600 a night to house dozens of homeless families in Times Square hotels — almost twice the cost of a night in the cushy confines of the Waldorf Astoria….

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Steven Banks Was Hired to Stem New York’s Homelessness Crisis. It Didn’t Happen.

Nikita Stewart

As record numbers of homeless people crowded New York City’s shelters in December, Mayor Bill de Blasio put Steven Banks in charge…


WIN Forgotten Face of Homelessness Report

As our city’s homelessness crisis reaches epidemic proportions, consensus on how to stanch the ow of New Yorkers into the shelter system has remained elusive…

Legal Services NYC

New Destiny Report on Domestic Violence

In 2015 and 2016, the Bronx Domestic Violence Roundtable and Bronx Legal Services conducted and analyzed data from the “Legal and Social Services Needs Assessment of Bronx Communities Affected by Intimate Partner Violence.”…

gateway housing

On homelessness, a better way: Lay out a multi-year shelter plan, and gear programs to help families in deep need

Christine C. Quinn

“Single mother, formerly incarcerated, legally blind in one eye. Just when I felt that I was getting my life back together . . . the dishonest broker took all the money I’d worked so hard to save.”…

Legal Services NYC

Mayor Bill de Blasio says NYC evictions fell from 2013 to 2015

New York City evictions fell by 24 percent from 2013 to 2015, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. There were 22,000 evictions by the city marshals in 2015 and 28,000 in 2013…


Long Nights With Little Sleep for Homeless Families Seeking Shelter

Nikita Stewart

On Wednesday, New York City hit a record 59,373 people in shelters overseen by the Department of Homeless Services. There is no clearer indicator of the homelessness crisis than in the Bronx at the intake center for families with children…


New York City Relies on Motels to House Homeless

In Woodside, Queens, the Quality Inn looks like an ordinary motel. But more than half of its rooms are filled with homeless New Yorkers, with taxpayers picking up the tab…


Few Homeless Shelter Workers Are Trained to Administer Heroin Antidote

An antidote for a heroin overdose is as easy to buy in New York City pharmacies as a bottle of aspirin. New York State laws have made the antidote…

City Limits

Success and Struggles Point to a Better Way to Help NYC’s Chronically Homeless

For three years, Mark Williams has come home to his own studio apartment in a spacious six-story building on the western edge of Fordham manor…

Daily News

NYC homeless shelter residents making more calls to 311 over problems, but ‘no one’s listening’

The city’s homeless shelter residents are increasingly angry and lashing out about poor living conditions despite Mayor de Blasio’s assertions that the struggling system serving more than 60,000 people is improving…


City’s homeless students face mounting academic obstacles, report shows

New York City’s roughly 82,000 homeless students face more academic obstacles than their peers in almost every way, according to a study released Thursday by the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness…


New York City Makes Progress on Homeless Shelters

New York City officials said Friday they had reduced some building and safety violations in homeless shelters, providing welcome news in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s struggle to curb homelessness and improve the shelter system…


‘Cluster Site’ Homeless Shelter Violations Go Up in July, Report Says

The city cut outstanding building code violations in its homeless shelters this year, but the number of violations in cluster sites — rental apartments in privately-owned shelters — rose for the third time in the past three months…

Daily News

Brooklyn shelter abruptly boots 70 homeless women to hotel near Kennedy Airport to make room for families

Dozens of homeless women were up in arms Thursday after the city forced them from their Brooklyn shelter with less than a day’s notice. The 70 women living at the…


Homeless Say ‘We Are Your Neighbors Too’ as Residents Oppose New Shelter

Plans for a new homeless shelter in East Harlem were pushed through without community input and are being opposed by neighbors, officials said Thursday….

Gotham Gazette

Does the State have the Conviction and Commitment to End Homelessness?

The week of June 26, over 70 San Francisco media outlets came together to report on homelessness in the Bay Area. The collaboration, the San Francisco Homeless Project, produced over 300 local articles…

DNA Info

Homeless Shelter Violations Dropped 10 Percent in Latest Scorecard Report

Building violations at the city’s homeless shelters were cut another 10 percent last month as the city works to create a more safe and clean environment for residents, officials said…


NYC Effort to Help Homeless Makes Slow Progress

As New York City’s homeless problem worsened last year, Mayor Bill de Blasio parted with two top officials overseeing the issue, called weekly staff meetings that sometimes…

DNA Info

City Ends Program to House Homeless Families in Staten Island Hotels

A controversial program to house homeless families in Staten Island hotels has ended after the last residents were moved out last week, officials said…

gateway housing

Editorial: Federal officials have shifted money to favor permanent housing, but New York City also needs transitional shelters.

In New York City, during working hours, homelessness is there for all to see. An estimated 58,000 people forage for help and survival by day, then retreat to shelters at night…

gateway housing

Gateway Housing Letter to the Editor on the need to reinvest in shelter

How is it news that HELP USA provides shelter to 6% of NYC’s homeless people and had 6% of the critical incidents reported in 2015…

gateway housing

HUD Slashes Funding for Some NYC Shelters

Laura Nahmias

The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development is slashing millions of dollars in funding for several of New York City’s major homeless shelters, a move that may leave the city on the hook to fill the gaps…

gateway housing

New Destiny Housing Corporation writes that family homelessness needs to be addressed.

Carol Corden

New York City is to be applauded for reducing the numbers of people who are sleeping on the streets…

gateway housing

The Mayor Announces a Restructuring of NYC’s Response to Homelessness, Including Replacing Existing Sites with the Gateway Housing Model

Office of the Mayor

Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced a comprehensive plan to ensure homeless services are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible with a focus on both preventing vulnerable New Yorkers from becoming homeless…

gateway housing

HRA Commissioner Steve Banks says City Homelessness Programs are Working

Laura Nahmias

The web of new subsidy and rental assistance programs City Hall has put in place since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office to help homeless New Yorkers get out of shelters and into permanent housing is showing signs of sputtering to life…

gateway housing

Number of Homeless Families in NYC Nears Record

Jennifer Fermino

The number of families with children in city shelters has been rising for months, reversing a previous downward trend and bringing the current levels dangerously close to the all-time high…

gateway housing

Op-Ed from Matthew Desmond, author of “Evicted”

America stands alone among wealthy democracies in the depth and expanse of its poverty…

gateway housing

Ralph Nunez of Homes for the Homeless Weighs in on Homeless Crisis

Your eyes do not deceive you, the headlines do not exaggerate: homelessness is worse than ever in New York City….

gateway housing

Governor Announces New Resources to Address Homelessness

Jesse McKinley and Vivian Yee

Proposing to address the challenges of homelessness and a lack of affordable housing, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York delivered a State of the State speech on Wednesday that called for a financial and spiritual commitment to rebuild the state’s social and physical infrastructure…

gateway housing

Let’s Rethink Our Homeless Shelters

Christine C. Quinn

MORE than 57,000 New Yorkers will sleep in a shelter tonight. In this city of glistening wealth, they lack a permanent place to call home…

gateway housing

De Blasio to launch plan to fix homeless shelters after damning Scott Stringer report

Greg B. Smith

City-run lodging for homeless families has become a wretched refuge, plagued by thousands of serious code violations, a comprehensive new report by Controller Scott Stringer has found…

gateway housing

NYC must fix homeless shelters if city expects people to use them

Scott Stringer

When you take a look at our city’s homeless shelters, you can begin to understand why thousands of homeless New Yorkers would prefer to stay shivering on the streets rather than spend a night in a shelter…

gateway housing

De Blasio announces plans to stop using ‘cluster sites’ to house the city’s homeless

Erin Durkin

The city will stop using controversial “cluster sites” to house homeless families within three years, the de Blasio administration announced Monday…

gateway housing

De Blasio Announces 3-Year Plan to Permanently End Use of Clusters as Homeless Shelters

Will Build New Shelter Model Combining Affordable Housing and Community Space; Return Clusters to Housing Market…