Developments – By the Numbers

The Gateway Housing Development Initiative will:

ASSIST five to ten leading New York City homeless service providers to redevelop their shelter sites into larger buildings containing both transitional and permanent housing units as well as on-site space for healthcare, childcare or cultural amenities open to the surrounding community.

PRESERVE AND IMPROVE 275+ NYC Department of Homeless Services shelter placements.

ADD 160+ new transitional shelter units units for a total of over 440 Gateway Housing units, a 60% expansion in the total number of units available to homeless households at the same sites currently.

CREATE 250+ new affordable housing units for a total of 700 affordable housing units in aggregate.

EASE THE CRISIS OF HOMELESSNESS by increasing by 150% the units currently available for low-­ and very‐low­‐income households at the five initial development sites.

Have a potential Gateway site for development? Contact Ted Houghton at [email protected]